JavaScript Logging Framework

A simple javascript logging framework.

Javascript Logging provides an unobtrusive way of debugging your javascript. A small expandable div positioned in the top left corner of your page displays the logs. Any errors logged using logError(e) automatically expand the log, providing instant feedback when something goes wrong. Logging can be turned off for production systems without having to remove all the logging code.



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Javascript Logging v1.2

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In Your HTML

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="js/logging.js"></script>

In Your Javascript

try {
  // ...
  log('value of foo: ' + foo);
} catch(e) {


loggingDisplay = false;                   // The log will no longer be created or displayed

loggingStartExpanded = true;              // The log will start expanded

LOGGING_BASE = '/javascript-logging/';    // The location where javascript logging was unzipped to