Small Update to Loris (0.1.3)

12. April 2010

A few months ago I wrote about Loris, a small tool that will automatically run your javascript tests whenever a file changes.

I’ve just released a new version of the Loris gem with a couple of minor fixes:

  • The dependency on win32-process has now been removed from the gem. This means the gem now installs correctly on OSX. Windows users will manually need to install the win32-process gem.

  • The dependancy on visionmedia-bind has been updated to just bind, reflecting the gems new name on RubyGems.

  • The JS Test Driver server is now reset between all tests. This stops it getting into a situation where it failed to pick up changes to files.

Because RubyGems is now the default gem host, this install process is a little simpler.

sudo gem install loris

or on Windows

gem install loris
gem install win32-process