QUnitAdapter 1.1.0

09. April 2010

I’ve updated the JS Test Driver QUnitAdapter to improve compatibility with QUnit.

Variables set on the this object within are now available within setup, teardown, and the tests themselves.

module('Lifecycle', {
  setup: function() {
    this.mockString = "some string";
  teardown: function() {
    equals(this.mockString, "some string");

test("Things assigned to this in setup are available in test", function() {
  equals(this.mockString, "some string");

The test function now supports the optional second parameter of the expected number of assertions.

// declare that this test has expects 1 assertion
test('Test with expected defined as 2nd param', 1, function(){

My thanks go to anotherhero for providing the patch to fix both these issues.

You can always download the latest version of QUnitAdapter from Google Code.