Patched Cucumber notifications in autotest-growl gem

15. June 2009

Following on to my previous post on Autotest, Cucumber, and Growl, I have forked the autotest-growl repository, and applied my fix for Cucumber notifications.

You find my patched version of autotest-growl on GitHub.

You can switch to this version of autotest-growl by uninstalling any existing version, and then installing from my fork on GitHub:

sudo gem uninstall autotest-growl
sudo gem install karl-autotest-growl --source

Javascript Lint with Autotest

15. June 2009

As well as using Autotest to run Cucumber scenarios I have also been looking into integrating lower level test into the Autotest cycle.

My first attempt at this is a small module to run Javascript Lint on all the javascript files within a project any time any file changes.

The module below hooks in to Autotest just before the tests are normally run. It runs javascript lint over all the *.js files in the project, outputs the results to the autotest results object and the standard output, and finally fires a new ran_javascript_lint hook

Errors and warnings found by Javascript Lint will also be notified through Growl (if Growl and autotest-growl are installed). If there are no errors or warnings than no Growl notification is shown. This keeps distracting popups to a minimum.


Autotest, Cucumber, and Growl

15. June 2009

Autotest is a great Ruby tool to speed up test driven development by automatically running your tests every time a file is saved.

Cucumber is an awesome tool for doing behavioural driven development. It allows you to write plain text automated acceptance tests.

Autotest and Cucumber work together seamlessly, you just need to set the AUTOFEATURE environment variable to true:


Growl is an excellent notification system for OSX that allows applications to popup unobtrusive messages on the users desktop. (Snarl is the equivalent for windows)

You can add Growl support to Autotest (using the autotest-growl gem) so that you get popup notifications of test results.

But the current version of autotest-growl doesn’t provide notifications for the result of Autotest Cucumber runs.